Chill out zone.

We do hope you bookmarked our site....cos we invite you here to play a few games - listen to some cool music and venture out onto some amazing links.    Check out what we have in store for you on this page - whilst the opening song plays - then take the first incredible tour - remember to come back y'all!

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The tattooed  lady!

 1. Go to the following site which is Brazilian:
 Wait for the lady to appear, then ..   
 2. Write your first name in the first line.
 3. Write your last name in the 2nd line.
 No need to write your email address.

  4. Press the "VISUALIZAR" bar.
  Afterwards, can anyone tell me how they do it?

 Pssst! Try this one with a male friend's surname.

Radio skits.

Woah - hold your horses! before you visit the tattooed lady or play our games - check out the brilliant radio skits....follow the link - play the audio
minimize  the link site and come back.

Todays link is UK's Galaxy radio - Danny dumps.
Courtesy of cupcate - she's a 21st century minx.
If you find that for some reason -
the links don't work -
email us and we shall sort it mate!

Pool practice.

Poor yourself a long one and play - we love it!

Amazing shots - it's child's play!

Keep practicing on the art of the cue angles - if the pot lie awkward - don't leave it on - safety first.When it comes to playing on a real table - you may pull off some shots like the cool kids below.

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