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The blowers daughter featured in the film - Closer.An excellent choice of beautiful music to chill with whilst you browse.


Future technology.

The new age is dawning

Web 2.0 is evolving as the true living spirit in the sky and online video shall become the new precedent in delivering news and entertainment- that is inevitable.       Ezines....articles and blogs will always be around as they are informative - but casts and vblogs can and will deliver the same information - with visual dynamics.    Exciting times ahead - and we aim to be in the forefront of the action.


Google and Yahoo are the front runners in this new concept of visual domination.
Youtube and Yahoo video are leading the way to hundreds of other video hosting sites
establishing a presence on the world wide web – daily. 

Myspace – Facebook – Bebo and Friendster are massive social networks as are many
Others like Dada and Wayne – to name just a few.
Video plays a major part in interactive role-play for all members.

New innovations!

Video popularity is accelerating  at  great speed that is an indisputable fact.

MYVZINE publications are striving to create new exiting effects in video production.

All the major hosting sites listed below and Portal sites - internet tv stations - file sharing - also thousands of fan sites growing more
each day.

All have one thing in common.    The videos you watch are just BLACK SQUARES!

Henry Ford once made a famous saying
"You can have any color you like - as long as it's black"  WHY?

Should we be contented with black borders on every video?
Watch this space as our  team creates even more startling revelations!

Recently we have been experimenting on the new concept of (IVS) = internal visual surround.
The Dark Knight will inevitably be the biggest box office hit of 2008 - owing to the amazing effects that are promised within the movie and the hype that is already building up from Warner Bros distributors. It shall also be a tribute to the star - Heath Ledger  (RIP) who portrayed the joker. Trailers created in IVS with multilingual story lines shall bring the story to the masses in different languages. An innovation in technology in which we are proud to achieve.  

The Dark knight....edited in the German language....more multilingual languages will follow.

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