Comments on Hope (Imeem).

T-Rex -Fuck i love this song i listened to it almost 520 times no joke this song brings up so much memorys
ones with tears and others with laughter Ma.regine Orijola i like that music ... Nialelas ~[]~ Aweome ^_^!!!!!!

luv d song....remids me of my ..... huhuhuhuhuhu.... misssss himmmm sharming funtilar
damn shit...when its turn to play...i remember the moment on that night...under the moon and lightning by the stars.....i miss you so much ...much and more..iris you hit the spot...lee juyoung
like that song

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Our comments.

There are so many talented artists in the world today.     On hearing Hope - an instant love of the melody and voice was formed.    It has now become a mission to create a visual for this audio - or produce an IVS version of a fan made video, as apparently no official video has been made yet.

Keep tabs on future issues of Myvzine for news.

Nathan Walters.

Nathan is one such talent with a beautiful voice.
We befriended him on myspace and created visuals for his music - including - Romance you ( a powerful love song) and - It makes me love you.

Quiet of the night - reproduced below ( without IVS treatment) reminds us of the sacrifice made for mankind by our lord Jesus Christ.

Alicia Keys - No one.

Since the sixties era of beatle mania (No one) has risen to meteoric stardom as fast as Alicia.Her talent has made her - without doubt - the number one solo artist in the world today.Her rendering of No one - from her latest album - "As I am" has become one of the most viewed videos on youtube ever.     This fact speaks volumes for her popularity - view her official video below.

Random youtube comments.

Marked amost watched video, EVER, seriously 37.6 million? DeluxeAmar arked as spam0 Good one ;>I like it ;DThank you for this one :L stevensfan93 ShowHideMarked as spam 0 awesome =) tussnpower (rked as spam 0   das beste lied was ich jee gehört hab elenuskyloka (Marked as spam 0 ♫♫ Alicia Keys Cantas Gnial ♫♫ australialover01
ed as spam 0AMAZING !!!!

Micheal Hutchence.

From the official Micheal Hutchence memorial website - our tribute to him.
News 2008

Possibilities Project

During 2007 a team of professional musicians, engineers and producers combined forces to produce a unique version of one of Michael Hutchence's final and finest compositions, the beautiful "Possibilities". This is now exclusively presented as a very special tribute to Michael on his birthday in the tenth anniversary of his passing.

We have included an excellent fan made video of his life from Romanvision.
This is Nick Egan's montage of a visual style he wants to give his movie about Michael Hutchence - "Slide Away' featuring Micheal and Bono.

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