Movie trailers with Internal visual surround.

It is within the realm of movie trailers - or teasers - that IVS comes into it's own.
We began research into static backdrops, then progressed into full flowing backgrounds with scrolling storylines.

Witness the worlds first IVS trailer production below.     Just like the production of Alicia Keys - Fallin' on the home page, the scroller is rather basic - heck - it even has letters missing in the storyline, but is still an improvement on presentation to the original, which can be viewed in the lower turntable after the end. 

Fox Searchlight - Street kings - new movie trailer.

The eagerly anticipated movie - Street kings - Directed by David Ayer. With Keanu Reeves, Hugh Laurie, Forest Whitaker, Tom Ludlow....inspired us to create a new improved background and clearer scroller (without side curtains).    Feedback comments will tell us if we have improved on this one.

Warner brothers - The dark knight - breakthrough!

With all the hype and PR tactics surrounding the 2008 release of the new Batman movie.    It is probably going to be the box office hit of the year.    This prompted us to create a moving background and further the advancement of IVS.     View this amazing trailer here - then visit the youtube url to leave comments.

Global connections.

International communication within movies began with DVD subtitles in all languages.
Internal visual surround makes this possible with scrolling storylines for movie trailers
or lyrics of songs.
The video below is the very first IVS international descriptive presentation.
The Incredible Hulk 2 with Spanish subtitles.
Future streaming videos should cater for all languages to reach a wider audience.
Movie distributors and record labels should realize this.

The Incredible Hulk 2
A Universal production, promises to be more spectacular than the original, so we have made the trailer available in the following languages - English - French - German - Italian and of course Spanish.
All available on the Youtube channel - digitalblue2u =

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