Alrite the Above soundtrack is rap - Ayo technology is what web 2.0 is all about.
The links alongside our logo take you to Google translator where anyone can translate paragraphs and whole web pages into different languages.    That is technology of interaction with the whole world.
Has the penny dropped yet?

Futuristic desktop.

The image on the left is a snapshot taken from Blitz labs over at

Immediately we were struck with the clear precise layout and led us to wonder if a new operating system could be created....a futuristic desktop where the mouse over  expands  on crossing over the frontal monitors.

Within the monitors there would be access to all the computers programs and files - easily accessable.

On the central screen is where the main work area would be displayed - word etc'.    Expandable to full screen.

On first reflection, it may seem to be far fetched but with the technology evolving today - it is quite possible and there are programmers out there quite capable of creating the software.

Video processing website.

If you have visited Jumpcut, or Eyespot, you will know of their excellent online facilities for creating video.
Anyone can cut their teeth on practicing the art.    Upload footage or photos - cut - arrange transitions - add audio and simply play about until you have the desired result.    Then add to your own channel.

Taking Jumpcut and Eyespot one stage further - add moving backgrounds and news tickers - what would you have?     Internal visual surround that everyone could master.

That is a future concept that is quite possible with the right programming in online software.
To run such a site would require financial backing to provide the software and bandwidth but we are sure it would become massive and a feasible project to undertake.

Total recall.

When Arnie's Mrs plays virtual tennis with a computer  in the movie Total recall - the holographic image appeared to float as if it were a real opponent.    Total unreality?
Not when you view the video below.
From: pockyrevolution As the manufacturer describes it "Heliodisplay images are not holographic although they are free-space, employing a rear projection system in which images are captured onto a nearly invisible plane of transformed air."

Crazy Multi-Input Touch Screen

This is a video of a multi-input touch screen that hopefully will make its way into consumer computer market in time. A standard touch screen allows one input at a time. This allows multiple people to use it and allows for Minority Report like features. Super Cool!

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