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The concept of MYVZINE is a virtual video e-zine, bringing you up to date entertainment     news and reviews - for the people - by the people.It is recommended to bookmark this page before using links.
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Spirit in the sky?

Web 2.0 is evolving as the true living spirit in the sky and online video shall become the new precedent in delivering news and entertainment- that is inevitable.       Ezines....articles and blogs will always be around as they are informative - but casts and vblogs can and will deliver the same information - with visual dynamics.    Exciting times ahead - and we aim to be in the forefront of the action.

Myvzine publications are not just news of music and movies - we thrive on new inventive ideas - great or goofy.
Writers unite - future publications shall include a screen writers co-operative.
Experts in every field shall be given the opportunity to give advice freely.
Simply contact us on the email form - contacts page.

Meanwhile whilst Norman Greenbaum is playing - browse this page then watch the first videos.

First impressions.
An example of visual dynamics is presented in the video below.
Recently the blockbuster - American gangster - starring Denzil Washington and Russell Crow, featured the life story of Frank Lucas - the real American gangster.    Some have condemmed the movie for sensationalising the drug traffic trade - others have praised the production the action and performance.

Here we have reproduced the real life story of Frank Lucas with open source soundtrack - So tired of America -
and news ticker scrolling a brief storyline.
Make your own mind up on this one.

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